Metaleros Records still works hard to find for you the most interesting Metal from all around the world. After the big special sale I shortened my list a lot, as
people complained it is all too much. I keep only the real Metal classics from Latin America for the future, ....and of course actual material from this countries.
2013 had new releases from me, new VIOLATOR and THE FORCE vinyls were released!!


All prices are noted at the end of each line in Euro
All records are in perfect condition, unless otherwise noted!
# marked items are new in the list (## first time in this list, # first time in list before)
Watch records with a (X) mark, as this records are still on the way to me and I can only deliver later! If you want such items, you have to pay immediatly,
and I deliver whole order when it arrives.I will not hold anymore bigger orders without payment, till such things arrive! But you can reserve (X) items for next order
without advance payment!
CD* maked are single items, just CD marked are distribution items!


## (X) ATROCITY - Atlantis 2LP, special book cover limited to 350 copies on expensive NOTVD label and sold out there, 50 ....will arrive beginning of April
ATTACK - The secret place CD, legandary German underground true Metal band, 10
ATTIC - The Invocation LP, incredible great Mercyful Fate style band, LP 14 / limited CD pack, embossed print with 20 page booklet, 12
# BACKWATER - Take extreme forms CD, new album after decades, great raw German Metal, 12
BULLDOZING BASTARDS - Bulldozing The Vatican LP, great young raw Metal band fromn Germany + poster + sticker, blkack vinyl 12 / green vinyl + patch, 15
## CRUEL FORCE - Under the sign of the moon LP golden vinyl + poster, 16 .....in stock again
## DARKNESS - Death squad LP, re release in black vinyl 13 / red vinyl 15 / CD, re release + bonus, 10
## - Defenders of justice LP, re release in black vinyl 13 / splatter vinyl 15 / CD, re release + bonus, 10
## (X) DELITIUM TREMENS - Read my fist LP heavy gatefold 16 / CD 12, after many years a new album of this great raw Thrash brigade ....release date 11. of April
# DESASTER - Stormbringer Double Mini LP, official re release of the legendary MLP with extra 6 track live 1996 MLP, black vinyl only, 17
# - Tyrants of the netherworld LP, official re release with gatefold cover, black vinyl only, 14
DOOMSHINE – The Piper at the Gates of Doom, 2LP great new epic Doom album, 16
## EXUMER - Death squad LP re release in black vinyl 13 / red vinyl 15
## - Defenders of justice LP re release in black vinyl 13 / splatter vinyl 15
FATAL EMBRACE - Hellhounds 7"EP, 3 cover tracks, limited 420 numbered copies, 5
## IRON COBRA - Dungeon masters LP, great raw traditional Metal, 13 ...in stock again
## KETZER - Satans boundaries unchained LP, gatefold with huge booklet, 17
MEKONG DELTA - Kaleidoscope LP, limited 333 numbered copies on expensive NOTVD label, 25
METALHEAD - Demon / Legions of death 7"EP, one of the best German Metal bands, great US Metal style, few copies of this 2006 release, 6
## (X) METAL INQUISITOR - Ultima Ratio Regis LP white vinyl, the new album 17 (no black vinyl available anymore) ....will arrive middle of April
MÖFAHEAD - Zauber der magie LP, funny German language 80s Metal style album, 12
MORTAL REMAINS - Next level LP, great fem. fronted tradit. Thrash only 100 numb. copies!!! Sold out with band, will be a future collectors gem!! 20
# NECRONOMICON - Same CD, legendary first album, 10 .......finally in stock again
# - Apocalyptic nightmare CD, 10 ....finally in stock again
## (X) NOCTURNAL - Storming Evil LP new album, black vinyl 13 / colour vinyl 15 / splatter vinyl 15 ......release date 4. of April
NOCTURNAL - Tormentor 2 x 7" EP, funny release, 12x track "Tormentor" in different versions 8
NO SISSY STUFF - Last poem CD, 7 tracks, raw tradit. Metal, made indep. from 3 beautiful sisters in year 2000, 5 ....finally in stock again
NOT FRAGILE - Shout to the master CD, new album of this long active traditional Metal band, 12
NUCLEAR WARFARE - Royal fortune MCD, (in a funny real steel "Pic CD" box!!) 5
OVERDOSE - Tight action CD, 80s classic re release with bonus tracks, 10 ....in stock again
PROTECTOR - Reanimated Homunculus LP, new album, black vinyl 13 / blue vinyl 15
## REACTORY - High On Radiation CD, young german Thrash maniacs, playing great old style, 12
RESTLESS - We rock the nation / Heart attack CD .. old German Metal legend finally on CD 10
REZET- Civic Nightmares LP gatefold, autograph card, black vinyl 13
RUNNING WILD - Black Demons on Stage CD, hand numbered to 500, incl. 1981 + 84 demos +live at Loreley Metal festival 1985, 13 ...again in stock
SEX GEPARD - Same CD, primitive traditional 80s Metal with funny porn lyrics, 11 tracks, independent release from 2009, 8
SHRINE - Goat Skin Rite LP, Black Thrash attack with mambers of Cruel Force and Nocturnal, black vinyl + poster 14
## (X) SPACE CHASER - Watch the skies LP, high class Speed Metal from Berlin 14 / CD 13 .....release date end of April
## SPEEDBREAKER (Germany) / IRON CURTAIN ( Spain ) - Heavy Metal Strike, Split 7" EP + Sticker, Lim.to 5oo copies, 7
## STALLION - Mounting the World MLP, one of the best new traditional Metal bands in Germany in the last years, black vinyl 12 / red vinyl 14
STORMHUNTER - Crime and punishment LP, one of the best new classic Metal bands, now on vinyl, 13
# STORMWITCH - The beauty and the beast + bonus tracks CD*, 10 ....finally in stock again
# STORMWITCH - Walpurgis night, Pic LP with printed cover + inlay, limited 300 copies, 15
# - Tales of Terror, Pic LP with printed cover + inlay, limited 300 copies, 15
TANKARD - A girl called Cerveza, Double LP. limited clear / black vinyl, 18
THE MYSTERY - Apocalypse LP, great powerful female fronted Metal, full of hymns, gatefold cover, limited 333 copies 14 / CD 12
- Where the wind blows freedom CD-R*, rare first album with first female singer, original release on printed CD-R with real booklet / back cover, 13
- Facing the storm CD*, rare second album with firwst femnale singer, great traditional Metal, 15
TORMENTOR - Violent world CD, great old style Thrash from very young East German band, 12
## (X) TRANCE - Break Out LP+7", re release of this German 80s Metal classic with bonus 7" EP, limited black vinyl 17 / splatter vinyl 18 / CD 12
..release date 11. of April
## (X) - Power infusion LP, re release of this classic, black vinyl 13 / multicolour vinyl 15 / CD 12 ..release date 11. of April
# TYRANT - Live and crazy LP, legendary live 1989 album, finally on vinyl, gatefold cover, poster, photo, black vinyl 14
VA - HELLBANGERS - Metal Forces LP, bands from "Iron Pegasus" label and "Hellbangers" fan club, with exclusive material,
VIOLENT FORCE - The demos LP, limited edition made in Brazil, good sound and nice made demo artwork, 3 very last copies, 20
WARHAMMER - No Beast so Fierce...LP, finally a new album, sold out with label, black vinyl 16
XXARON - The legacy CD, good 80s Metal, finally on CD, 12 ....in stock again


from "German Democratic Recordings" there will be a series of limited re released CDs and LPs of old East German classics:
Nr. 2 TITAN - Metalfever (1983-1989) CD, 10
Nr. 3 PLATTFORM - Heavy-Braut (1983-1989) CD, great 80s female fronted Metal, 10
(X) Nr. 4 DEATHTRAP - Downfall (1985 - 1991) CD, Death Thrash classic, 10
Nr. 6 ROCHUS - Haunting In Your Brain (1988-1990) CD 10
Nr. 7 MACBETH - Wiedergänger LP the great new album of this classic Metal band, nice gatefold cover and artwork, limited 500 copies, 14
# Nr. 8 BLITZZ - Tarantella (1987-1989) CD, never released first album of this fantastic female fronted Metal band, 19 tracks (including pre band PRINZZ as bonus) 12
FORMEL I - Der Edelrocker 5LP box!! ALL known recordings of this essential band, studio and live, + 12 page full size booklet in an oversize LP cover, 50


(X) ## ABYSMAL GRIEF - We Lead The Procession LP, full album of this obscure Metal band, 14 .... arrives end of April
ACID - Live in Belgium `84 CD, with 2 tracks bonus lots of old 80s pictures, 5 Euro / "die hard edition" incl. poster, stickers w. skull artwork, 150 numb. copies, 10
- Live in Belgium `84 LP, Test pressing LP, I traded back one copy , thats all, 40 Euro
(X) - Same CD, One of THE 80s Metal classics, fantastic female fronted Metal, incl. 4 bonus tracks, release year 2000, thick booklet, 20 ...hope to get re stock
- Maniac CD, second milestone album of this incredible band, incl. 3 bonus tracks, release year 2000, thick booklet, totally sold out with label, 15
- Engine beast CD, third fantastic album, incl. 4 bonus tracks, release year 2000, thick booklet, totally sold out with label, 15
ARCH ENEMY - Dawn of chaos CD, special release from "Metal hammer" with songs: 7 best of, 2 new album, 2 exclusive live songs, 1 rare KISS cover, ...for free
## (X) ARMOUR - Death Threat 7"EP, finally new Material from this great Finland classic Metal band, black vinyl 6 / colour vinyl + patch 8 ...arrives mid April
AXE VYPER - Same CD, great epic 80s Metal style, english lyrics, 10
- Metal Crossfire CD, great epic 80s Metal style, english lyrics, 10
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Satanic Metal attack LP, new Italian band, old BULLDOZER / MOTÖRHEAD style mix, great!, 15
BATTERING RAM - Back through the Main Gate LP, great 80s Belgium Metal, limited 100 red vinyl, 15 / 400 black vinyl, 15, ....very last copies
BLACK HOLE - Beyond the Gravestone DLP, big insert, black vinyl 22 ....last copy, sold out with label
## (X) BLACK MAGIC - Wizard's Spell LP, black splatter vinyl 15 / orange vinyl 15 / orange splatter vinyl 15 .....release date 11. of April
BULLET - Bite the bullet LP, limited edition incl. back patch! 25
- Full pull LP, black vinyl, the fantastic new Party Metal album, 15
CENTINEX - Malleus maleficarum LP, limited 250 numbered copies, from expensive NOTVD label, 15
CRYSTAL TEARS - Choirs of immortal CD, great new Greek Metal band, with strong and powerful female voice, 10
CRYSTAL VIPER - Metal nation LP great female fronted traditional Metal, black vinyl 10
## (X) DANGER ZONE - Demos 81-82 LP, pre Mercyful Fate material with King Diamond on vocals! colored vinyl 15 ....will be delivered 25. of April to KIT festival
DARK QUARTERER - Under the spell DVD* live 2010, 13
DEATHHAMMER (great Thrash fromn Norway) / NOSFERATU (super 80s Metal style from Brazil) - Split LP, with poster, sticker, cards, 13
DER KAISER - La Griffe De L'Empire CD*, classic 80s French Metal, finally on CD, 13
- Vautours CD*, 13
DESULTORY - Swallow the Snake LP, Swedish Death Metal classic finally on vinyl /white colour), 250 numbered copies from expensive NOTVD label, 15
DIVORCE - Triangle / Divorce CD, female fronted AOR classic from Greece, 2 albums on 1 CD, 5
DOUBLE DIAMOND - Conquer with steel / AFTER ALL - Armageddon come, Split LP, limited 500 copies, 10
EAR DANGER - Full blast at last LP, Dutch classic 80s band with their material finally self released on limited vinyl, 13
ELVEN STORM - Of rage and war CD, great female fronted traditional Metal, 12
ENFORCER - Death by fire LP, black vinyl, 16
EVIL INVADERS - Same, great fast belgian Speed Metal, attack of almost 30 minutes, CD, 8
EVIL LYN - The Night Of Delusion MCD, great female fronted Metal from Finland, 8
EXCALIBUR - Fils vengeur CD great french traditional Metal, 10
FINGERNAILS / VILLAIN - Getting crazy, 7" Split EP, US import, 4
FORSAKEN - Anima Mundi DLP, gold vinyl, gatefold cover, limited 333 copies, 16
- Dominaeon 2LP, limited 500 copies w. 2 bonus tracks, great release, blue vinyl 16 / splatter vinyl 16
FUTURE TENSE - The Final Cut CD Digipack, great Dutch 80s Metal finally released, "die hard" edition with special long box + poster, 13 release from Peru!
GAE BOLGA - Violent Metalstorm LP, ...great new fast Thrash / Speed attack from Belgium, 12 / CD 10
HANDS OF ORLAC - Same LP, swedish female fronted 70s style Doom Metal, 14
(X) ## HANDS OF ORLAC / SODOMIZER - Resurrection Of The Dead 7” EP 6 Euro, ....will arrive beginning of April
HEATHEN HOOF - Rock crusader LP, black vinyl 10, orange vinyl, 12 / CD 5
HÜRLEMENT - De sang et d`Arier CD, great french traditional Metal, 10
- Terreur et tourment LP, second great album of this new true French Metal masters, 14 / CD 12
## HURTFUL WITCH - 1985 demo Spectra MLP black vinyl, pre MORGANA, great italian female fronted 80s Metal, limited 250 copies and sold out with label 17
## - 1985 demo Spectra MLP, white vinyl, limited to 50 copies, sold out with label (very expensive wholesale price), 30
HYSTERICA - Metal war CD, great swedish all girl band in Manowar style, expensive swedish import, 10 .....finally in stock again
ICE AGE - A Thrash Metal fairytale CD, all material of this fantastic 80s all female Thrash Metal band from Sweden, huge booklet, hard to get! 15 Euro
## IRON JAWS - Guilty of ignorance LP, italian classic 80s Metal band, limited 300 copies, 13
IRONSWORD - Overlords of chaos 2LP, great portuguese epic Metal, just one copy, 15
ISOLE - Throne of void LP, great swedish traditional Doom, finally on vinyl, limited 250 numbered copies, 15
- Forevermore LP, second album of this great Doom band, limited 250 numbered copies, 15
JUMALATION - The church of Isaac LP, great young diverse Thrash band from Finland, 12
KILLERS - Cite interdits LP, finally this classic on LP, 250 copies black, 250 copies green, 14 each
# KROKUS - Hellraiser 2LP, the great last album finally on vinyl, black vinyl 20 / yellow vinyl 22
MERCYFUL FATE - Demon eyes Double LP, Live 19.1.1984 Eindhoven Dynamo club, noble gatefold with fantastic cover artwork and live pictures, 500 numbered copies, 30
# - Countdown to the coven LP, live Hilversum 20.1.1984, fantastic artwork, black vinyl 20 / red vinyl 20, each limited 333 numb. copies and different back covers
(X) ## METAL CROSS - Metal Cross 2LP + 7", great classic Metal band from the 80s from Denmark, finally on vinyl, 23, ....release date April 7th
MONOLITH - Same CD, great raw italian 80s Metal demos now on CD, 10
MORGANA - Three years of madness CD*, one of the best female fronted 80s Metal bands of all time, 15
MYSTO DYSTO - The rules have been disturbed CD*, killer Dutch 80s Metal classic, finally on limited CD release + 2 bonus tracks, 15
NECROMESSIAH / DEWARSTEINER - The Oath Of Bacco Militia 7" EP, Italian Black Thrash, US import, 6
OVERDRIVE - Reflexions CD*, first unknown 1982 MLP + many bonus material (19 tracks in total), CD release 2003, hard to find now, 13
- Metal Attack CD*, great swedish 80s Metal classic, 5 bonus tracks, CD release 2003, hard to find now, 13
- Swords and Axes CD*, great swedish 80s Metal classic, 5 bonus tracks, CD release 2003, hard to find now, 15
- Let the Metal Do the Talking LP, finally a new album of this classic 80s Metal band, black vinyl 13 / white vinyl 15
PYRAMIDE - Same MLP, rare french 80s progressive Hard Rock / Metal, I traded one copy, 20
PYROTOXIC (Finland female fronted Thrash) / INFANTRY (US Death Thrash), "Thrash clash vol 4" split release, 10
RAVENSIREN - Iron will MCD, 5 tracks of great epic Metal from Portugal, 8
RESISTANCE - A tale of decadence LP, heavy gatefold cover, 13
RUTHLESS STEEL - Die in the night CD, great female fronted Greek Metal, 80s US Metal style, 12
SANTUAIR - L´Emprainte de Lucifer LP, great French Doom Metal, 13 / CD 10
SANZ - Sweet Revenge LP, rare french 80s Hard Rock / Metal, I traded one copy, 18
SATANIKA - Satanic attack LP, classic Italian Thrash, finally on vinyl, black vinyl 13, white splatter vinyl 15 / CD in longbox from label in Peru! 13
- Metal possession CD, 12
- Infection CD, 12
## - Nightmare CD, great new album, 12
SIGN OF THE JACKAL - Mark of the Beast LP, full album of this fantastic female fronted Metal band, black vinyl 15 (sold out with label) / colour vinyl 15 / CD 12
SIN STARLET - Throat attack LP, great Swiss True Metal, 13
SINISTER - The Silent Howling LP, very special gatefold cover with pull out cards, classic Dutch Death Metal, 350 numbered copies from expensive NOTVD label, 20
SLINGBLADE - The unpredicted deeds of Molly Black LP, great swedisch female fronted traditional Metal, black vinyl 13 / CD 12
SPIDKILZ - Balance of terror CD*, great powerful female fronted Metal from Italy (ex singer ofi WHITE SKULL), 12
STEVE SILVESTER (DEATH SS) - Free man CD + DVD, rare 1993 album of Death SS singer with Paul Chain, re release with bonus track + live at MOR 1993 DVD, 16
STRIKING DEATH - Live at the italian Metal invasion CD-R, Belgian fast Thrash on limited numbered 100 copies with good photocopy cover, 5
TERÄSBETONI - Vaadimme Metallia CD*, Finland Epic Metal from expensive label, 15
THE DEVILS BLOOD - Fire Burning 7" EP, new album track + exclusive B-side 5
THORAX - Test of time Double LP, all 3 demos of this Belgian 80s Cult band on vinyl, great traditional Metal, heavy gatefold, 4 page insert, 500 copies, 12
## THRASH BOMBZ - Mission of Blood CD, great young italian Thrashers in fast old style, 12
## THRASHBACK - Possessed by Thrash, LP, young french band that plays old style fast 80s Thrash metal, 13 / CD 10
TORTURE GARDEN - A new religion Pic LP, italian Metal, limited 250 copies, from expensive NOTVD label, 10
## TRIUMPHANT - Herald The Unsung LP, blackened Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal from Austria, with A2 poster, black vinyl 14 / colour vinyl + patch 17
TRAPPAZAT - From dusk till dawn CD*, traditional Metal, 10
TUNGSTEN AXE - Swedish iron CD, young swedish band that plays raw totally old 80s style Metal, 12
TYRANEX - Extermination has begun LP, female fronted swedish old style Speed Metal, limited 500 copies /CD 10
VALKIJA - Avengers of steel CD, great female fronted Metal from Sicily, 5
VAVEL - Same CD, great 80s Metal release from Greece, 5
- The second death CD 5
VORTEX - Drink bat blood LP, last album finally on vinyl, fantastic cover artwork, red vinyl (150 copies) 15
WARCKON - The madmans lullaby LP, good powerful thrashy Metal from Belgium, 13 / CD 12
WITCHCRAFT - Legend, Double LP, great swedisch old style doom, black vinyl, 18
WYTCH HAZEL - Surrender and the Truth MLP, black vinyl 12 / white vinyl 13


ANIHILATED - Path to destruction CD* japanese release with many bonus tracks, 10
ASOMVEL - Stare at DEath and spit MLP, 6 new tracks, 10
BADGE - Stormrider LP, NWOBHM classic band finally a full album, Black vinyl 13 / Splatter vinyl 15
BASHFUL ALLEY - It`s about time CD, released a few years ago, but very bad distributed and hard to find, 13
BIG DAISY - Same CD, old NWOBHM classic band finally released, 12
## BITCHES SIN - The Ultimate Invaders DLP, classic album + bonus material, purple vinyl 20, limited black vinyl 20
## - The first temptation LP, classic album, second edition, black vinyl 15 / splatter vinyl 15
BLACK ROSE - The early years & more CD, 10
BLEAK HOUSE - Same 2 LP + 2 x 7" EPs, incredible release with all material from this NWOBHM cult classic, black vinyl 23 / splatter vinyl 26
## BLITZKRIEG - Back from Hell DLP, finally a new album, red vinyl 20, limited 150 copies black vinyl 20
## - The Boys From Brazil Street: 1981 Revisited - The Archives Vol. 1, DLP old demo and rare material, black vinyl 18 / grey vinyl 20
CANCER - Spirit in flames LP, technical Thrash classic on extremely limited 250 copies edition, yellow blend vinyl, fromn expensive NOTVD label, 22
CHAINSAW - Police and Politicians 7", green vinyl, Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 15 Euro
DEEP MACHINE - Whispers in the Black MLP, 3 new tracks of this NWOBHM legend, black vinyl 11 / colour vinyl 13
## (X) DEEP MACHINE - Rise of the Machine LP, black vinyl 13 / clear vinyl 15 ......release date 25. of April
# DEMON - Unbroken LP, the last album finally on vinyl, grey vinyl 14
DESTROYA - Same MLP, 4 tracks of fantastic NWOBHM from 1983 finally on vinyl, black vinyl 10 / splatter vinyl 11
DIAMOND HEAD - Lightning to the nations CD, One of the greatest NWOBHM classics, released on CD in the 90s, hard to find now, 15
DIAMOND LIL - Same LP, female fronted very old NWOBHM band, finally all material relaased on one LP, black vinyl 13 / colour vinyl 15
ELIMINATOR - We rule the night CD, great powerful tzraditional Metal, 8
ELIMINATOR - The seer 7" EP, 6
## ELIXIR - All hallows eve LP, great last album on very limited 250 copies edition, heavy gatefold on expensive NOTVD label, 20 ...reeceived 2 more copies
ELIXIR - The son of odin 2LP, fantastic re release of this NWOBHM top classic with many bonus tracks, gatefold cover, 4 page insert, clear vinyl 19
HAMMERHEAD - Time will tell 7" (blue vinyl), Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 12 Euro
HELL - Save us from those who would safe us 7" (original never cover), Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 25 Euro
# HELL - The age of nefarious 10", the new material pre to the new album, 12
# - Curse and chapter 2LP, the new album, black vinyl 17 / CD 15 / limited CD+DVD 19
## (X) HOLOCAUST - Live (Hot Curry & Wine) LP + 7", re release of this classic, black vinyl 17 / split colour vinyl 18 ....release date 11. of April
## JAGUAR - Opening the enclosure LP, essential classic NWOBHM stuff, gold vinyl 16/ # CD with obi, 12
J.Js POWERHOUSE - In more Rock LP, sold out with label, 20
LEGEND - The Dark Place LP, green vinyl 13
LYADRIVE - One night in London - Live 1984, just one copy, 15
MARQUIS DE SADE - Same LP, first release from "Hades Paradise / HRR" labels 2005, rare now, 15
METAL MIRROR - Same LP, live 1981, 15 ........sold out with label
- II, LP, Live 1981 + EP + compil. tracks, 8
## - III Double LP, more old classic material of this legendary band, black vinyl 18 / splatter vinyl 19
NIGHTTIME FLYER - Out with a vengeance 7" yellow vinyl, Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 12 Euro
ORE - Yellow fever 7", red vinyl (orignal never cover), Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 15 Euro
OVERDRIVE - Three corners to nowhere LP + patch, great new rec., 17 ....sold out with label
- On wizards ridge LP, limited release 14
- HARDROCKER MAGAZINE #7 - Great Polish magazine with 2 "Best of" CDs from OVERDRIVE (UK) & HALLOWEEN!! Manowar title +
posters from Manowar, Saxon, Sabaton, Annihilator, Death, 10
PERSIAN RISK - Once a King LP, NWOBHM lgend with 4 re recorded classics and 7 new songs, black vinyl 13
PHYNE THANQUZ - Same LP, 4 page insert, one of the most obscure NWOBHM bands with all their recorded material, black vinyl 8 / colour vinyl 8
SATANIC RITES - Which Way The Wind Blows CD, female fronted NWOBHM classic, finally on CD, with old LP + EP tracks, 10
- No use crying CD first classic NWOBHM album with male singer, 10
SAVAGE - Sons of Malice DLP, the last album of this old NWOBHM legend, black vinyl 14 / clear vinyl 15
SCARAB - Rolling like thunder 2LP + 7" EP, all the 80s material from this great NWOBHM band, black vinyl 15 / red vinyl 16 / splatter vinyl 17
## SOLDIER - Dogs of War DLP, new material of this legendary band, limited black vinyl 18 / purple vinyl 18
SPARTA - Same LP. sold out with label, 20
- Use your weapons well 2LP + EP, all the 80s material from this great NWOBHM band, black vinyl 19 / white vinyl 20 ...in stock again
## - Welcome to hell LP, black vinyl 13 / white vinyl 15
SPARTA - Tonight 7", blue vinyl, Brazilian re issue in colored vinyl, 250 numbered copies, 12 Euro
STARFIGHTERS - Same CD, great NWOBHM classics, released on CD in the 90s, hard to find now, 3 bonus tracks, 13
- In flight movie CD, great NWOBHM classics, released on CD in the 90s, hard to find now, 2 bonus tracks, 13
STORMCHILD - Maiden Voyage LP 8 page booklet, black vinyl 15 / splatter vinyl + obi strip 18
TANK - War of attrition live 1981, 2LP, great liv e 1981 + demo tracks, heavy gatefold, released 2006, just one copy, 25
TOKYO BLADE - Genghis Khan Killers DLP, great pre T. Blade bands Genghis Khan and Killers demos on vinyl, black vinyl 12 / green vinyl 12
TRAITORS GATE - Devil Takes the High Road MLP, one of the most obscure NWOBHM legends finally all material, 6 track + poster, bone colour vinyl 14
URCHIN - High Roller LP, 20 page full size booklet, 10 / CD* 10
- Get up and get out 2 LP, 12 / CD* 12
## VIRTUE - We Stand To Fight LP splatter vinyl, one of best and most powerful 80s Metal bands from Britain, 2 EP tracks + 3 demo tracks remastered 20 / CD 10
WARNING - Bridges 12" EP, 2 long tracks of this Doom legend, 8
- Demo tapes LP, the fantastic Doom demos with 8 page full size booklet, gatefold cover, 15
WITCHFYNDE - The Witching Hour LP, finally in stock again, 20 ....totally sold out with label


## (X) A TREE OF SIGNS - Salt MLP, great obscure female fronted Doom, 13
## (X) A SOUND OF THUNDER - fantastic female fronted fast and powerfull US Metal, vinyl all very limited, all independent releases with NO distribution in Europe,
untill now you could order their material only in their web shop in single copies with extreme postage to Europe ....will all arrive end of April
- Queen of Hell MLP, red vinyl, with patch + CD download code, 20 / MCD (limited edition) 10
- Time's Arrow, Double LP black vinyl + CD download code, 25 / CD 10
- Metal Renaissance CD, full album 10
- Out of the Darkness CD, full album, 10
- A Sound of Thunder, debut 4 song CD EP, 7
- Justice at Last, West Memphis 3 benefit 2-track CD single, 5
ANVIL - Juggernaut of justice, CD* 14, great new diverse album!
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE (USA) / DAWNRIDE (Portugal) - Split LP, 2 great Doom bands on one LP, expensive postage from Portugal, 10
ATTIKA - Same LP, great US Metal release from 2003, black vinyl 15 / blue vinyl 17 ....just one copy each
AT WAR - In fidel CD, the great fast old style Thrash attack, 12
BISHOP STEEL - Killing asylum CD, great 80s US Metal demo stuff finally released on CD, 14 tracks, 12
- Die to live it CD, great 80s US Metal demo stuff finally released on CD, 13 tracks, 12
BLOODFEAST - Last offering before the chopping block LP, great fast and raw US Thrash finally with an new album, black, red or gold vinyl, 13 each / CD 10
BOSS TWEED - Same LP, Great old 80s US Metal, finally on vinyl, incl. 16 page booklet full of old cult pics, black vinyl 13
CASTLE - In Witch Order LP, great blend of all old Metal styles, Metal, Doom, Thrash, Prog, with female vocals, 14
- Blacklands CD* great second album, 12
## (X) CAUCHEMAR - Tenebrae LP, second album of this female fronted obscure Metal band, black vinyl 14 / colour vinyl + patch 18 ....arrives mid April
CHYLD - Lite The Nite/Ye Morlo 7" EP, original from 1986, put out with permission from the band by Greek label, with today made cover, and CD with unreleased
tracks and video tracks, one of the most obscure and great 80s US bands, all remaining 500 copies of the EP, no more repressed, 13 Euro
## CHOZZEN PHATE - Same MLP, fantastic 80s US Metal on linited 330 copies vinyl edition, sold out long time with label, 20 ...just one copy / CD + DVD 15
CIRITH UNGOL - Servants of chaos 3LP, ...sold out with label, 25
CONCEPT OF GOD - Visions LP, Doom Metal with S. Aeturnus members, 12
COVEN - Worship New Gods LP, legendary obscure US Metal album re released, white vinyl 15
CRILLSON - Coming of a new age LP, vinyl release of ultra rare Alaska CD, great 80s style US Metal, great cover art, 4 page inlay, numbered 330 copies, last copy, 25
CROSS - Metal from above CD, great 80s US Metal demo finally rel. (sold out with label) 10
CULPRIT - Guilty as charged CD, Top 10 US Metal classic with bonus tracks, 10
DAGGERS EDGE - Same CD, Texas Metal project with james Rivera on vocals, 5
DAWN OF VALOR - Immortal flame 7"EP, 4 tracks of great US Metal, limited 500 copies, 6
DEATH DEALER - Coercion to kill CD*, great 80s US Metal, pre Deaf Dealer, 10 ...a few more in stock
## (X) DOKKEN - Broken Bones LP, last album on very limited edition of 333 copies on expensive NOTVD label and sold ou there, 22 ....arrives beginning of April
DRAGONNE - On dragons wings, Pic LP, new 200 copy release, 20 .....last copies, ....will get no restock!
DREAMS OF DAMNATION - Epic tales of vengeance LP, limited 500 copies, 4 page insert full of cool pictures, 4 bonus tracks, 14 / CD* 10
DRIVER- Countdown LP, feat. Rob Rock, Roy Z + insert, limited 350 0copies, 13
DRUID - Vampire cult LP, french pressing, 15 ....finally in stock again
ELIMINATOR - Breaking the wheel LP, great young Thrash band, fucking fastest I have ever heard!! This kills! Great Ed Repka cover, 13 ...sold out with label
ENCHANTER - Defenders of the realm CD, great 80s White Metal, limited 1000 numbered copies, 10
ENERGY VAMPIRES - Same LP, fantastic 80s US Metal style, ex SLAUTER XTROYES members, great artwork and heavy cover 16 / CD, 5
ETERNAL LEGACY - Seeking no peace CD, great Cleveland Metal, 12
ETHEREAL ARCHITECT - Monolith 2LP, progressive US Metal, limited 350 copies black vinyl, 18
FIST - Bolted Door 2012 CD, Canadian classic Hard Rock band with new album after many years, 10
GATEKEEPER - Prophecy and judgement MLP, young and very hopeful canadian epic Metal band, heavy gatefold cover, 13
HAMMERWHORE - Same CD*, great raw US Metal, 12 ....finally in stock again
(X) HELLION - You're not Welcome here LP+7", 1982 Washington DC band, old raw Metal, Doom, Punk style, 18 US import, this time it is really on the weay!
## (X) HIGH SPIRITS - You Are Here LP, the new album, black vinyl 13 / red vinyl 15 ....release date 25. of April
## (X) - High Spirits 7" EP, black vinyl 5 / clear vinyl 6 ....release date 25. of April
HUNTRESS - Spell Eater LP, incredible fast Metal attack with powerful female voice, black vinyl 15 / red or orange vinyl (very expensive from label) 20
HYDROGYN - Bombshell LP, great female Hard Rock, gatefold, 6 page full size insert + poster, full of pictures, 400 copies black vinyl 5, 100 copies red spl. vinyl 8
IGNITOR - Take to the sky LP, limit. edit. 500 copies numbered 250 red, 250 black vinyl, incl. 2 bonus tr., and 5 pages inlay, 12 ....last copies
- Road of bones LP + 7" EP, limited 500, incl. bonus track, 4 page insert full of pics, ....last copies 15
INFANTRY (US Death Thrash) / PYROTOXIC (Finland female fronted Thrash), "Thrash clash vol 4" split release, 10
JAG PANZER - Dissident Alliance DLP, 500 copies on expensive NOTVD label, 20
JAG PANZER - Ample Destruction LP re release + 1 track bonus, black vinyl 14 / blue vinyl 15
- Chain of command LP re release, black vinyl 15 / colour vinyl 15
- Shadow thief LP re release, black vinyl 13, colour vinyl 15
- Tyrants LP re release + 6 songs bonus, black vinyl 13, colour vinyl 15
- Decade of the nail spiked bat, Double CD, original 2003 release, 8
JEX THOTH - Same LP, first album of this great female fronted 70s Doom band, 14 .....in stock again
– Blood Moon Rise LP, finally a new album of this legendary female fronted Doom band, gatefold cover, 14
# - Totem LP, the legendary first album, 14 ....in stock again
# LADY BEAST - Same LP, one of the best female fronted pure powerful 80s Metal bands of the last years, limited private release, marble vinyl,
gatefold cover, expensive US postage, 16 ....finally in stock again!! / CD (European Release), 12
## LAZARUS SIN - Intracranial mass LP, legendary 1988 US Metal demo, finally on vinyl, 14
MALEVOLENT CREATION - Creation Of Demos LP, the great demois 1989 + 1990, Limited 150 Copies, 12
MANILLA ROAD - Playground of the Damned LP, finally a new album, original first press red vinyl (100 copies) 25 / green vinyl 20 ...sold out with label
- Invasion LP re press of this classic 70s epic US Metal album, blue vinyl 15
- Metal LP, gatefold cover, poster, new artwork, red vinyl 15
- Open the gates LP, gatefold cover, black vinyl 14 / clear vinyl 15
- Spiral Castle, gatefold cover, poster, black vinyl 14 / oxblood vinyl 14
- Mysterium LP, the new epic album, incl. A1 poster, black vinyl 13 / green vinyl 15 / purple vinyl 15
- Mystification DLP, black vinyl 17 / grey vinyl 18 / very limited gold vinyl 23
- The Circus Maximus DLP, re release with new artwork, red vinyl 18
MILITIA - The Second Coming LP, finally all the classic tracks of this 80s US Speed metal godz on vinyl, 4 page insert, giant A1 poster with many of the 80s
Texas Metal cult flyers reprinted, Black vinyl 10, limited silver vinyl 13
MINISTRY - Cover Up LP, limited 400 numbered copies on expensive NOTVD label, yellow vinyl, 25
MORTILLERY - Murder Death Kill LP, great raw female fronted Thrash from Canada, 3 bonus tracks, limited 250 copies black vinyl only, 16
- Origin of extinction 2LP, extremely limited only edition of 250 copies in poison green vinyl, one bonus track (sold out with label), 23 /
CD limited digi with 3 bonus tracks, 14
## (X) NITRO - Volatile Activity LP, classic 80s US Metal band, limited release of their first recordings, black vinyl, 13 ....will be delivered 25. of April to KIT
N.M.E. - Unholy Death / Machine of War 3LP legndary Black Heavy Metal album + extra material, very heavy pack, huge poster, splatter vinyl 30
OBLIVION KNIGHT - Same LP, US Metal classic, demos 1987 + 1990, limited 500 copies, 15 / CD limited 1000 copies, 10
OCTOBER 31 - HARDROCKER MAGAZINE #9 - Great Polish magazine with 2 "Best of" CDs from OCTOBER 31 & DECEASED!! Grave Digger title, + posters
from Candlemass, Exciter, Dimmu Brgir, Grave Digger, Metallica, 15
ORCHID - The mouths of madness, Double LP, the new album of THE best Doom band in the moment, 18
- Through the devils doorway 2LP, black vinyl, 16
## OVERLORDE SR - Medieval Metal Days LP, great epic traditional Metal, with A2 poster, black vinyl 14 / colour vinyl + patch 17
PHANTOM - Dead or alive CD, 80s US Metal classic with bonus track, 10 ...a few more in stock
- Same CD with bonus gtracks, 10
PHARAOH - Be gone 2LP, one of the best US Metal bands of the last decade on vinyl, 16
POSSESSOR - City built with skulls LP, legendary ultra fast Thrash Metal band, heavy gatefold cover + poster, 13
POTION 13 - Porte bonheur CD, french canadian female fronted, trad. Metal, indep. production, 5 ..finally in stock again (with autographed card)
RAZOR - Shotgun justice LP , black vinyl 25, ....sold out with label
- Open hostility LP, black vinyl 25, .....sold out with label
- Violent restitution LP, re release, Black vinyl 13 / splatter vinyl, 15 ....finalls in stock again
- Armed & dangerous MLP, first time official re release, limited red vinyl, 20
## REIGN IV - Tale untold CD*, female fronted traditional Metal, private release from 2009, 13
## REVERENCE - When darkness calls LP + 7"EP, great new US Metal band (singer now with RIOT V), 17
RIOT - Immortal soul, the great (now forever) last album, CD 13
SACRED OATH - A christal vison LP, re release of this US Metal classic with heavy gatefold cover, 12
SALEM SPADE - Witch Hunt CD great 80s Metal, limited 10
SANCTUM - Believers LP, finally THE rarest Metal CD on vinyl (CD sells for over 200 Euro), 350 numbered copies, 30 ...my very last copy, no re stock possible
SCARLET ANGEL - Same LP, first album finally on vinyl with 4 bonus tracks, 4 page insert with nice pictures, new artwork, limit. 500, 5
## SEASONS OF THE WOLF - Anthology 2CD, old unavailable material of this great US Metal band re released, 14
## (X) SHINING BLADE - On the battlefields / Ace of blades LP, 1983 + 1984 demos of this great 80s US Metal band (Mexico import) 15 ....will arrive end of April
## (X) - Touch the night LP + 7" EP, unreleased album of this classic US Metal band (Mexico import) 17 ....will arrive end of April
## SEVEN KINGDOM - Seven kingdoms CD*, great female fronted traditional Metal, 123
SKELATOR- Agents Of Power, Double LP, 350 copies only black vinyl in gatefold with 5 vinyl only bonustracks, 16
STEEL PROPHET - Shallows of forever CD* ...just one copy 15
## STORMTROOPER - Armies of the night LP, re release of this classic US Metal gem 15
STRIKER - Eyes in the night LP, just one copy available again, 15
STYGMATA - Bleed CD, great female fronted Metal (Kathie Jarra) with shredding guitars, finally a manufacture silver CD pressing with great poster, 10
SYRUS - Same LP, US Metal classic, demos 1986 + 1987 + live, limited 500 copies, 17 / CD + DVD (video anthology 1986 - 2009), limited 1000, 13
TAIST OF IRON - Resurrection LP, incredible female fronted Metal album from 1984, re issue with 5 bonus tracks, black vinyl 14 / 2 CD with with 5 more bonus tracks, 13
THE GATES OF SLUMBER - Villain, Villain, double CD with bonus tracks, 10
THE RODS - Vengeance LP, the great new album finally on vinyl, colour vinyl 14
THE SWORD - Apocryphon 2LP + CD , fantastic traditional Doom Metal, great gatefold artwork, 5 bonus tracks, black vinyl, 15
## THE UNHOLY - Same MLP, great female fronted US Metal, demo tracks + 2 bonus, limited 300 copies, 13
THOR - Thunderstryke LP, very early re recorded and brand new material from this canadian Metal legend, nice gatefold cover + poster, 12a
# - Energy 7" EP, 3 new tracks, one from forthcoming new album, 2 exclusive EP tracks, 6
THRUSTER - M.I.A. LP, great 80s US Metal finally on vinyl, 500 numb. copies 13
THRUSTOR - Abysmal fear CD, new albumn, now more aggressive Thrash, 5
TROUBLE - Revelations (Life or death) Demos & Rarities Part 1, LP, sold out with label, black vinyl 25
TYRANT - King of kings LP, finally this US Metal gem on vinyl (was overlooked in the middle of the 90s) black vinyl 400 copies 14 / 100 copies clear vinyl 15
TYRANTS REIGN - Year of the tyrant LP, re release of this legendary US Metal masterpiece, 1 bonus song, 8 page booklet, poster, 16
VA SPEED KILLS .....AGAIN CD*, fantastic Speed / Thrash compilation, incl. M. DEATH; A. OF BLOOD; T. HOLOCAUST; HATRED; WARBRINGER; ENFORCER, 12
VESTAL CLARET - Virgin Blood 7" EP, epic doomy Metal, vocals from Phil Swanson, limited 500 numbered copies, 6
VOLTURE - On the Edge LP, new album, black vinyl 13 / yellow vinyl 16
WHITE WIZZARD - Flying tigers LP, ...new albumn, expensive from label, 16
WITCH MOUNTAIN - Cauldron of the wild 2LP, great epic female fronted Doom, heavy gatefold and vinyl, 22
## ZOMBIE LAKE - Plague of the undead LP, raw US Metal with Protector singer, 13 / CD 12
ZÜÜL - Out of time, fantastic traditional Metal LP black vinyl 12 / purple vinyl 13 / CD 12
- To the Frontlines LP, finally a new album of this fantastic traditional Metal band, Black vinyl 13 / blue vinyl 15 / CD 12

(X) MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW: Shots From the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter, by Harald Oimoen & Brian Lew, 272 full colour pages, 37 Euro ....re stock in May
Book THE AUSTRALIAN METAL GUIDE, english, 175 pages, 18
Book NEVER SURRENDER - Biography from Biff about SAXON, 276 pages, english 23
Book DAWN OF THE METAL GODS - My life in Judas Priest and Heavy Metal by Al Atkins (first J. Priest singer), 225 pages, many pics, 22 ..again in stock
Malc Macmillan - The N.W.O.B.H.M. Encyclopedia, THE bible for british Metal, finally reprinted, 800 pages, 500 bands, 35,80 Euro
M. Mader - New York City Hardcore - The sound of the Big Apple, part 2, finally the second part about this interesting scene, 304 pages, 19,90 Euro
English / Deutsch (bilangual):
Book Axel Hermann - From Iced Earth to Sodom - The art of Axel Hermann, 162 pages big size book, with the incredible cover art and other art, 24,90 Euro
Buch RUN TO THE HILLS offiz. I. MAIDEN Biogr. in deutsch, 316 S., 19
Buch OVER THE TOP - Das MOTÖRHEAD Fanbuch, deutsch, 129 S., 18
Buch KISS DEMASKIERT: DIE OFFIZ. BIOGRAPHIE, deutsch, 356 Seiten, 23
Buch LEMMY - White line fever, die Autobiogr., deutsch, 270 S., 19
Buch Hulett / Prochnicky - Whole Lotta Led, Unsere Reise mit Led Zeppelin, 255 S., Led zeppelin history, 19
Buch Byrne - Phil Lynott und Thin Lizzy, Band Geschichte, 252 S., 19
Buch J. Collins - Die Chemie von RUSH, 352 S. 24
Buch M. Mader - Der Stählerne Weg von Judas Priest 256 S., Band history und Discography, (Titelbild von mir 1981, yeah!) 19
Hörbuch M. Mader - Der Stählerne Weg von Judas Priest, Band history, (Cover Bild von mir 1981, yeah!) 15
Buch M. Popoff - Lights out....spot an: UFO, 224 S., 18
## Buch M. Popoff - Rainbow - zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn, 192 S., 18 ......wieder auf Lager
Buch B. Byford - Saxon, der Adler ist gelandet, 256 S., Biffs Biografie, jetzt auch in Deutsch! 21
Buch J. Shooman - Bruce Dickinson Eine Biographie, 256 S. 19
Buch M. Popoff - Black Sabbath, Hohepriester des Doom, 256 S, 19
Buch Jeff Turner - Cockney Reject, Fussball, Oi! und Krawalle, 248 S., Cockne Rejects Geschichte, 19,90
Buch Nikki Sixx - Tagebuch eines Heroinsüchtigen, Buch, 430 Seiten, 23,90 Euro
Buch Brian Johnson - Rock auf der Überholspur - Eine automobile Autobiographie, 256 S. 19,90
Buch M. Mader - Burning Ambition / Das Iron Maiden Fanbuch, neue Auflage,endlich wieder lieferbar, 190 S, 18,60
Buch J. McIver - Metallikcas Cliff Burton - Leben und Tod einer Legende - To live is to die, 253 S, 19,90 Euro
Buch Tori Amos & Ann Powers - Seelentanz, 255 S. 19,90 Euro
Buch G. Baddeley & Dani Filth - Das Kompendium der dunklen Künste, Grossformat 591 S, 37,90 Euro ...alles über Horror und Black Metal Szene, stark illustriert
Buch Dave Mustaine - Mein wahres ich, 286 S. Hardcover, 21,90 Euro
Buch M. Popoff - DIO, 256 S. 19,90 Euro
Buch Ace Frehley - Keine Kompromisse, 21,90 Euro
Buch Glenn Hughes - Die Autobiografie - Von Deep Purple zu Black Country Communication, 216 pages, 19,90 Euro
Buch - O. Jeske u.a. - Heavy Metal made in Germany, Das German Metal Buch, reprint, 224 S, 14,90 Euro
Buch - O. Jeske u.a. - US METAL - VOL. 1, der Klassiker, Reprint, 208 S. 14,90 Euro
Buch - O. Jeske u.a. - US METAL - VOL. 2, der Klassiker Teil 2, reprint, 224 S. 14,90 Euro
## Buch - Heavy Metal aus Osteuropa, einziges Werk zum Thema, reprint, 250 S. 19,25 Euro ......wieder auf Lager
Hörbuch LEMMY - Das Hörbuch, 2 CDs, 13
Buch - Neil Daniels - Iron Maiden - Die ultimative inoffizielle Bildbiagrafie, Großformatiger Bildband mit cool ausgestanztem Cover, super Bildband, 224 S. 29,90€
Buch - Dee Snider - Mein Leben als Twisrted Sister - I still wanna Rock, 384 S. Hardcover, viele Fotos, 24,90 €
Buch - Peter Criss - Abgeschminkt, Die offizielle Biografie, 352 S., hardcover, 23,90 Euro
## Buch - Martin Popoff - Das ultimative Deep Purple Kompendium, ultimative 504 Seiten über die Band, 24,90 Euro
## Buch - Nikki Sixx - Leben heißt Leiden, Fotografie, Musik, Kunst, Bildband 220 S. 25,90 Euro


old Collectors items:
IRON PAGES # 22, 27, 45, 49, 51, in deutsch, (only in German) je 1 Euro
IRON PAGES letzte Hefte: # 24, 25, 26, 38, 44, 46, 50, je 2 Euro

Actual Fanzines (Please support the last printed fanzines!! Unterstützt die letzten gedruckten Fanzines!!)
MILITIA; OBLIVION; RITUAL; TYGERS OF PANTANG, ...and many more, incl. OBLIVION 7" EP, 14, ...sorry extreme high postage from US ....re stock arrives mid April
# THRASH ATTACK # 10, incredible big size fanzine, German Thrash history special with definitly ALL German Thrash bands ever covered, tons of interviews and
many reviews, last copies from the maker, 10
TROMACIDE; HOODED PRIEST; DRAGONSFIRE + many more and tons of reviews, 8
HEADBANGERS ZINE # 3, again 212 pages of Metal overkill, incl. ARAKAIN; SARCOFAGUS; ANGUS; DEMONA; MACBETH; TORMENTOR; STRIKING DEATH + many more, 8
## (X) HEADBANGERS ZINE # 4, ....will arrive middle of April, 8
P. THEORY; RAVENSIRE; SALEMS LAW; SKINFLINT; VOLTAX + many more, incl. compilation CD full of great underground Metal bands 10
English + German:
# DOOM METAL FRONT # 9, great quality Doom fanzine, SAINT VITUS title + CONAN; WITCH MOUNTAIN; DUST; WITCHWORROW + many more, 35 tracks download compilation, 5
# DOOM METAL FRONT # 10, great quality Doom fanzine, NEUROSIS title + many more and huge download compilation, 5
# DOOM METAL FRONT # 11, great quality Doom fanz. Cathedral title + AGE OF TAURUS; EYEHATEGOD; SERPENT VENOM; GRAVES AT SEA + many more, 30 tracks download compil, 6
THATS METAL # 17, unglaublich, 12 Jahre nach der letzten Ausgabe kommt DAS BESTE Fanzine das Deutschland jemals hatte wieder!! wie damals, 80 Seiten Hochglanz
Farbe, prall gefüllt mit dem truesten aller True Metal Bands, OBSESSION Titel + HELSTAR; DEMON; BANSHEE; ATTACKER; XCEL; ASTAROTH; DAMMAJ; DRESDEN; JACKAL;
OVERLORDE; POSSESSOR; SABOTAGE; VULTURE; WALPURGIS NIGHT; STEEL PROPHET und viele mehr + 10 track unreleased stuff US Metal CD!! 10 Euro
## THATS METAL # 18, SATANS HOST/Harry Conklin cover, wieder fatastische Qualität und Bands, inkl. ATTIC; SACRED WARRIOR; SIGN OF THE JACKAL; HOCCULTA; FORTE; HELL;
HARD ROCKER magazine #7 from 2008 with HALLOWEEN best of CD (+ british OVERLORDER best of CD), Manowar title + poster, Death + Annihilator poster, 5
HARD ROCKER MAGAZINE #9 - Great magazine with 2 "Best of" CDs from OCTOBER 31 & DECAYED!! Grave Digger title, + posters from Candlemass, Exciter + more, 5

NOIR # 1, incredible all female fanzine, full colour with tons of picture of all female Metal bands from japan (written in japanese), 7 ....just one copy
NOIR # 3 , again full of pictures of incredible female Metal bands from Japan, 7 ....only one copy


## WYTCH HAZEL / ASCALON / ELIMINATOR / ASOMVEL 12"MLP, 1 track of each band, great artwork, limited to 275 copies, 11
VA KEEP IT TRUE - THE UNDERGROUND KODEX COMPILATION vol. I, LP, great underground sampler from Keep it true / Iron Kodex makers, incl: STRIKER; REZET; BATTLE RAM;
M. PRIEST; SIGN OF THE JACKAL; DARK FORCES; HITMAN; ASOMVEL; TRACER; HURLEMENT; incl. 12 page full size colour booklet, fantastic gatefold cover, 13
VA JUST KILL AND KILL AGAIN!!! DVD*, HIRAX / MORTAGE / DEVIL ON EARTH live in Brazil, official Brazilian release import, 10
KOUZIN BEDLAM; MOONLOOP; WHITEDWARF, huge booklet, embossed silver print on gatefold cover, limited ??? copies, 18


CICLON - Sol naciente CD, traditional 80s Metal, 3 tracks with female guest vocals (OKER singer and others), 12
HITTEN - Evil power 7" 3 track EP, great fast traditional Metal, 5
## IRON CURTAIN ( Spain ) / SPEEDBREAKER (Germany) - Heavy Metal Strike, Split 7" EP + Sticker, Lim.to 5oo copies, 7
## (X) LIZZIES - End of time MCD, great all female traditional Metal, 10 ....will receive re stock at KIT festival (25. of April)
MURO - El cuarto Jinete CD, finally a new album of this legendary 80s Metal band, 13
NADSOKOR - Out from Pandemonium MLP+CD, great new traditional Metal band, limited 300 copies including free CD version (not separate available!), 15
OKER - Burlando a la muerte CD*, great female fronted Metal, 14
OMISSION - Pioneers of the storm CD, the brqand new album, again fast Black Thrash, 10
- Merciless jaws from hell CD*, 10
PANZER - Salvense Quien Pueda CD*, 10
RAZE - Man vs Machine DEMO CD-R, old Thrash style, 6
RIVENDEL - Senda del destino CD*, melodic Metal, very nice cover art, 10
SHERATAN - Resurrecion CD*, 13
SOMBRAS DEL DESTINO - Quebrantahuesos CD, classic Metal style like Savatage, 13....will arrive end of Septembre
SUBTERRANEO - Toledo CD*, great rare 80s Metal classic finally on CD (re stock), 13 ....I thought before band name is TOLEDO ....he, he
THOR - Same - 25th anniversary CD edition, great 80s classic finally remastered on CD, 13
THRASHTORNO - Comando Thrasher, Demo-CD-R*, professionally printed booklet, backcover + CD-R, 5 tracks, 8
VHALDEMAR - Metal of the world CD*, 13
WILD - La Nueva Orden CD, full album of this NWOBHM fans, US release, 10


AXECUTER - Innocense is our excuse 7"EP, great 80s Speed Metal style, 6
## AXECUTER - Metal Is Invincible LP + A2 Poster, Lim. to 5oo copies, first full lalbum of this raw 80s Speed Metal band, 14
AZUL LIMAO - Ordem y progresso LP reprint, + 5 bonus tracks, all in blue vinyl, insert, obi, lim. 500 copies, 13 ....last copies, ...no re stock available
BREAKDOWN - Time to kill LP, great fast Thrash, limited release of 250 numbered copies!!, 125 black and 125 white, 10 each
BYWAR / CRUCIFIER (Greece) - Two shots of Thrash, Split 7" EP, 5
DIABOLIC FORCE - Old school attack LP Hellhammer style new band, 500 copies numbered, insert, obi 13 ...last copies
DORSAL ATLANTICA - Ultimatum Outtakes LP (Official release of 80s unreleased material when they played occult Metal) limited 500, 13
## FARSCAPE - Killers on the loose LP + EP, second album, limited edition, 15 ...just one copy
## - For those who love to kill LP, third album, limited 333 copies, 15 ....just one copy
FARSCAPE / SODOMIZER - The horror cant stop Split EP, 500 numbered copies, sold out with label, 5
FLAGELADOR - A noite do calfador LP, great old 80s style Thrash Metal band, limit. 500, 4 page insert, obi, black vinyl 13, red vinyl 13
NECROFAGO - Brutal Mutilation LP, 80s Death Thrash classic finally official on vinyl. 26 page booklet, poster, die hard Pic LP + patch/sticker 13
## NERVOSA - Victim of yourself LP, great fast traditional Thrash from all girl band, heavy gatefold black vinyl 16 / limited blue or red vinyl + poster (100 each) 22
POWER FROM HELL - Sadismo LP, ....I found a few more copies, black vinyl 20 / blue vinyl (limited 100 numbered copies) 20
SODOMIZER - Tales of the reaper LP, new band of old style raw Thrash Metal, limited 500, obi, green vinyl 15 ....my last 3 copies
VIOLATOR - Violent mosh LP test pressing LP 30
- Annihilation Process LP, the great Mini CD from one of the best fast traditional Thrash bands with 2 bonus tracks, 500 copies black vinyl, 13 Euro
- Annihilation Process LP, canadian pressing import, black vinyl, bit different cover, 500 copies, black vinyl 15 Euro ....finally in stock
VULCANO - Tales from the Black Book LP, great last album finally on vinyl, black vinyl 13
- Antropophagy LP; great re release of this great Black Thrash classic in heavy vinyl, black vinyl 13 / red vinyl 15
- Bloody vengeance LP, great re release of this great Black Thrash classic in heavy vinyl, black vinyl 13 ....in stock again

ALTA TENSAO - Metalmorfose / Nigeria CD, 2 fantastic 80s Metal classic albums on one CD, 14
APOCALYPTIC RAIDS - Only death is real CD (finally first album on CD) 7
- The third Storm CD 10
ASTAROTH - Na luz da conquista CD*, one of the best 80s Brazil Metal releases finally on CD, with bonus tracks, 12 ...finally in stock again
ATTOMICA - IV CD, brand new studio album inb old fast Thrash style 13
AXECUTER - Metal Is Invincible CD*, great Speed Metal attack, 12
BATTALION - Empire of Dead CD, great raw 80s Metal style, 12
CAVALEIRO DRAGAO - Same CD, great young Epic Metal band with portuguese lyrics, 12
CLENCHED FIST - The Gift Of Death CD, great epic Metal new album, 12
DORSAL ATLANTICA - Ultimatum outtakes CD*, 10
DORSAL ATLANTICA / METALMORPHOSIS - Ultimatum CD, Finally this absolute 80s Metal classic on CD, 10
EXECUTER - Psychotic Mind CD, Thrash classic finally on CD + Bonus tracks, 12
- Welcome to hell CD 10 ....finally in stock again
EXECUTER - 25 Years Thrashing Heads DVD*, old Thrash legend live DVD, 15 ....only one copy
EXPLICIT HATE - A view of every side CD, 80s Death Thrash classic, finally on CD with 11 bonus tracks!!, 12 Euro
FARSCAPE - Killers on the loose CD, 10
- Primitive Blitzkrieg CD, the new Thrash album attack, 12
FLAGELADOR - A noite do caifador CD, great raw Metal / Thrash band finally on CD, 10
FRADE NEGRO - Souls in the Abyss CD, traditional Thrash album, 12
HARLLEQUIN - Hellakin riders CD, fantastic band of DARK AVANGER singer, finally on official CD, fantastic artwork, 10
HAZY HAMLET - Forging Metal CD, finally a full album of this great epic Metal band, 13
HOLOCAUSTO - Campos de extermino CD+DVD, one of the most raw and brutal 80s Death classics, thick digipack with live 1987 DVD, 15
LEVIAETHAN - Smile CD, classic Death Thrash finally on CD with bonus tracks, 12
METALMORPHOSE - Maquina dos sentidos CD, new album with traditional Metal, 10
METAL PESADO - Same CD, traditional 80s Metal style, 10
MUTILATOR - Immortal force CD, one of the worlds 80s Black Thrash Death classics finally in stock again (with bonus tracks), 13
POWER FROM HELL - Sadismo CD, 10 great new album
- Spellbondage CD, third album, still raw and wild, 10
SCELERATA - The sniper CD, new album of this melodic Power Metal band, 12
SHOCK - Heavy Metal We Salute You + 9 Bonus tracks, one of the best 80s Metal realeases from Brazil finally on CD, 12
TAURUS - Signo de taurus CD, great first cklassic Thrash album finally again available, 7 bonus tracks, 13
VIOLATOR - Thrashin United Tour – Live in Santiago 2007 DVD great official release, 13
- Annihilation Process LP, the great Mini CD from one of the best fast traditional Thrash bands with 2 bonus tracks, 500 copies black vinyl, 13 Euro
- Scenarios of Brutality CD, finally a new full album of this now world wide known great fast Thrashers, 12
VULCANO - Satanic Legion a Tribute to.Vulcano CD+, 10 ...24 total underground Death and Thrash bands pay tribute to Vulcano,
- T-shirt with bands mascot, winged creature, size XL, 5


(X) ## BATTLE CRY - Tierra arrasada CD, good traditional 80s Metal, 12 ....will arrive at KIT festival
(X) ## BLOKE - Demolicion CD, total new re release and new remastering of this legendary 1983 album, with unseen old photos, 12 ....will arrive end of April
BOANERGES - Senales antes del fin CD, great female fronted traditional Metal, 8
EL DRAGON - Resistir CD* finally a full new album!!, 10
FEANOR - Hellas CD*, last epic Metal album, 10
## GUERRERA - Guerrera of Metal 7" EP, great female fronted Speed Metal, 3 tracks (1 english, 2 spanish lyrics) 6
HERMETICA - Same CD (first album + Mini LP, 17 tracks, great Argentina Metal classic), 13 ....finally in stock again
- Victimas de vaciamento CD, another great classic, 10 ....finally in stock again
- Patch, name logo, embroidered (gestickt) in national colours blue - white - blue 5
HORCAS - Oid mortales a grita sangrado, great Argentina Metal classic , CD 12
- Reinara la tempestad, another great classic, CD 12 ....finally in stock again
- Vence CD 10
- Demencial CD, raw Power hammer, digipack, 10
- Asesino CD, digipack, 10
- Reviviendo huestes CD, last album, digipack, 10 .....finally a few in stock again
# HORCAS - Por tu honor CD, 15 ....finally a new album, sadly very expensive digipack ...just 2 copies
## (X) ICARO - Tiempo perdido CD, finall re stock of one of the best true Metal releases in Argentina, 12 ....will arrive end of April
KAMIKAZE - Dueno de los cielos CD, classic 80s Metal band back again with a new album in the old vain!, digipack, 12
LAS BRUJAS - La reencarnacion CD, finally this legendary all female band with their great 80s Metal music on CD (album "Llame la loca" recorded 1991 on cassette),
cassette album + 3 demo tracks + 2 video songs, 10
LEVIATHAN - New album CD, after long time finally a new album of this traditional Metal band, 13
LOGOS - Generacion mutante CD*, great Metal classic, 15
- Tercer acto CD*, rare now, 12
- Plan mundial para la destruccion CD*, new album after 10 years! digipack, 143
MALACARA - Saltando barrancos CD*, finally a new album of this traditional Metal band, 10
MALON - Justicia y resistencia CD, finally in stock again, 12
- Espiritu combativo CD .....one of the greatest Thrash classics of latin America in stock again, 10
MALON - Live DVD*, after the reunion of this legendary band there is a live DVD, on expensive label, ....only one copy, 20
## MAN IN PAIN - Warrior LP, great traditional Metal, with a not fitting band name, limited vinyl release 13 / CD 12
## (X) - Marcados por el Metal CD 12 .....the new album will arrive end of April
NEPAL - Demos CD, finally the great demos on CD (real great 80s Metal, not this average Thrash they played later) 13
(X) ## MONTREAL - Eterno retorno CD, 12 .....I wait for re stock of the new album in end of April
PATAN - Same CD, finally a re release of this great album, with 2 bonus tracks and 2 video clips, digipack, 10
- Base cap with eagle logo, embroidered (gestickt), 5
- Acero CD*, 13, one of the best Power Metal from Latin America
# - Poder CD, after a long time finally a new album of this Argentinian Speed / Power kings, 13
- Magos espadas y rosas CD*, 12
- Same "VII",1998, CD* 12
- Gira por Europa DVD, Live 1993, 10
- Walter Giordino - Temple CD, solo album of guitar player 1998, finally a few in stock again, 10
# RENACER - Espiritu immortal CD, finally a new album of this powerful but melodic Metal band, 15
RETROSATAN - Grito mortal CD, finall this classic of great 80s Metal with Satanic lyrics on CD, 10
SAUL BLANCH - Fiel a sus fieles CD, first Rata Blanca singer in same Metal style, 1 bonus track, special slipsace, 10
## (X) THOR - El pacto CD, one of the greatest 80s Metal bands from Argentina, now on official released CD with maximum quality and booklet full of old pics 12
.... will arrive end of April
TREN LOCO - No me importa CD* 10
- Carne viva CD*, new edition with thick booklet, + many bonus tracks + video clip, 10
- Ruta 197 CD*, 10
# TREN LOCO - Vieja Escuela CD, 13, ....finally a new album
## TRIDENT - Muerte al falso Metal CD, fantastic powerful US style Heavy Metal, THE best Metal album of Argentina in the last decade, 10 ....finally re stock arrived
## (X) - Elric el Albino CD, re stock of the great first album 12 ....will arrive end of April
## VA Tributo Argentino a Manowar - Cover compilation from the best Argentinian underground bands to MANOWAR, 10 ....finally in stock again
WALKIRIA - Emisario del viento CD-R*, 5 tracks great traditional Metal, one of the best new bands, printed CD, printed bag, 5
(X) ## XENOTAPH - Rock Is The Force LP, great female fronted 80s Metal on small french label, limited edition, 14 ....will arrive middle of April

ARGENTINA DEMOS AND UNDERGROUND RELEASES (only one copy each!!) .....all hard to get from outside the country:
TUNGSTENO / RIP - Escuadron de muerte CD-R*, 2 good raw traditonal Metal band, 9 tracks each, full professional printed booklet and back co er and unprinted CD, 15
THE LAMB - Keys of treasure CD-R*, good simple traditional Metal, 10 tracks, professionally printed booklet, backcover and CD-R, 13
HALLER - Immortals MCD-R*, progressive traditional Metal, with partly extreme vocals, 5 tracks, in nice hardcover booklet, printed CD-R, 10
RETROCACCION - Aguantando CD*, raw punkish Metal, professinal manufacture release, 10
STRATOS - Mas alla de le que ves MCD-R*, female fronted Metal, slimcase with professional printed cover and CD-R, 10
ANTIHEROSE - Resistencia Civil CD*, fast Metal / Punk album, professional manufacture release, 10
REY VENENO - Simnple y para siempre CD*, melodic hard Rock, professional manufacture release, 10
RÖCKEN - Hacia un lugar diferente MCD-R*, good hard Rock / Metal relase, 5 tracks, professional printed Cover for slimcase and CD-R, 8
CRIPSIS - Lo oculto MCD-R*, good raw traditional Metal in nice fold out cardboard cover and printed CD-R, 6 tracks, 15
RUSKIN ARMS - Heavy Metal classico CD-R*, 2 track great Metal, simple photocopy colour cover, 7
BATTLE CRY - Dia en la llamas CD-R*, 3 track great Metal, simple photocopy colour cover, 8
VISION - Heavy Metal CD-R*, 3 track great Metal, simple photocopy cover, 8
SLOGAN - Unidos de Metal CD-R*, good traditional Metal, 11 tracks, colour printed booklet for slimcase, unprinted CD-R, 13


ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Rise of the ancient ones CD*, great 80s Death Thrash classic, 8
ATTACKER BLOODY AXE - Triumph Of The Demon Axe 7" EP, great fast old style Thrash, limited 500 copies, 4
AXE BATTLER - The wrath of my steel LP, 3 bonus songs, poster, 4 page inlay, GREAT TRUE METAL, finally on vinyl, sold out with label, 15 ...last 2 copies
BLOODY VENGEANCE - From The Abyss LP, Black Thrash Metal, 12
CONDENADOS - A Painful journey into Nihil CD, finally a full album of this epic Doom hopefuls, 10
DEATH YELL - Morbid rites CD* 10
DEMONA - M.I.M./The Assassin 7"EP, great fast female fronted Speed Metal, 5
- Metal through the time LP, full album of this Speed Metal Queen, with poster, inlet, photocard, 14
## (X) DEMONA - Speaking With The Devil LP, new album of the Speed Metal queen, 14 / CD 12 ....arrives middle of Aprilopie
## EVIL MADNESS - Maze of Souls LP; great fast traditional Thrash, limited 111 numbered copies!! 16
INQUISICION - Live posthumous CD* 10l
PROCESSION - To Reap Heavens Apart LP, gatefold, one of the best Doom Metal bands, black vinyl 18 / red vinyl 20
VASTATOR - Hell only knows CD, digipack, great fast traditional Metal album with high screams, 10


MOTOSIERRA - Kick ass Rock`n Roll LP, german label, sold out long time, 15
- Life in hell LP, in special pack with cut out devils mask, 13


THE FORCE - Possessed by Metal LP, first album of this great Speed Thrash band from Paraguay, 500 copies black vinyl only (3 bonus songs), 10 Euro / CD 10
- Nations Under Attack CD 10, .....finally a new album from this killer Thrash band!
# - Stormwarning CD, new album, again full of fast old style Thrash, + poster 12 (to some customers I send without poster, please tell me and I include next time!)
VIOLENT ATTACK - The final massacre LP, great fast killing Thrash, black vinyl (400 copies) 13 / purple vinyl (100 copies) 15


## (X) ARKANOS - Mas alla de las columnas de Hèrcules CD, great traditional Metal band, finally in stock again 10 ....will arrive end of April
BESTIAL HOLOCAUST / NUCLEAR DESECRATION - Marching Towards The Nuclear Holocaust, Split 7" EP, 6
TRUENO METALICO - Tiempos de dolor CD-R*, good traditional Metal, professional printed booklet, back coiver and CD-R, 10


COBRA - Lethal Strike CD, great new 80s Speed Metal attack,"die hard" edition with long box cover + poster, 10 ...finally again available
HELL TORMENT (Peru) / SLAUGHTER COMMAND (Germany) - For the glory of the damned Split 7" EP, 5

ECUADOR (sorry the pack with new releases is lost!! I do not know when I can make and re order!)

DIABLO - Demon 3" CD-R, raw traditional Metal, in funny little 3" slimcase (with insert!), 4 tracks, 3 Euro
HELL BUTCHER - The last alcoholic nightmare 7" EP, 4 tracks of great fast Black Thrash Metal, extremely limited 100 numbered copies edition, 8
VA AL SUR DELL CIELO DVD*, festival live 2007 + 2008 with many Heavy - and Thrash Metal bands, digipack, thick booklet, 14


BLASFEMIA - Guerra total CD, 80s Death classic, official re release with many bonus tracks, rare, 10
## DIRGES - Altares de sacrificio LP, I found just one copy of this good traditional Thrash band, 13
EVIL WHIPLASH - Rituals of punishment CD, great fast Thrash Metal, 12
GUERRA TOTAL - Mas alla de la tumba CD CD, great fast Speed Metal, 12
# HELL RIDER - One lucifers night CD, raw simple old style Metal, independent release, 12
# - Same CD, raw simple old style Metal, independent release, 12
HIGHWAY - Prediccion fatal CD, great all girl traditional Metal, re edition with 4 bonus tracks!, 13 .....finally in stock again!!
INQUISITION - Anxious Death / Forever Under CD*, 10 ....last copy of this classic
MASACRE - Metal medallo attack LP, re release of the rare 2 MLPs Ola de violencia + Barbarie y sangre enmemoria de christo, with 28 page booklet full of pics
and informations, black vinyl 13
METAL KING - Metal rules 7" EP, first release of this great raw Metal band, independent released in Colombia, 10
NIGHTMARE - High speed venom LP, the fantastic first album finally on vinyl, + poster + sticker, black vinyl 13
# REENCARNACION - 888 Metal CD*, great raw 80s thrash Metal classic, 12
REVENGE - Whipping death 7" EP, 5
- Metal is addiction and obsession LP, great new fast Metal attack, 13 ....finally a few more copies available
- Vendetta LP, limited release from Greece 13
- Rage and revenge CD, 25 tracks compilation of old material, 12
## (X) REVENGE - Is very good eaten cold DVD, live 2010 concert of this True Speed Metal kings, 10 ....will arrive mid April
SKULL - A night of the battle city CD, fast Thrash Metal, 10
SOBIBOR - Furia de Metal CD* great tradit. Thrash, limited edition 500 copies, 10
URSUS - Hijos del metal, fantastic US Metal style with high voice CD 12
- Fuerza de Metal CD, ....finally this great NMetal album in stock again, 13
WITCHTRAP - Nightmares of the Dead MLP, black vinyl 12 ....very last copy


ABADDON - En las puertas del infierno CD*, great female fronted traditional Metal, 10
APOCALIPSIS - Same CD, THE best mexican 80s Metal album, finally on CD, limited edition on real silver CD, incl 9 bonus tracks (compil., demo, live), 12
- Same LP, FINALLY this classic Metal gem with this wonderful cover artwork on a vinyl reprint, very limited, 15 .....finally again available
# CRAZY LAZY - Que viva el Rock CD, finally the very first mexican Metal release from 1983 on CD, great Metal, great artwork, expensive import 14
# GEHENNA - En busca del valle CD, great progressive but powerful 80s Metal, 13 ....finally this classic again in stock
KHAFRA - Deja Vu, Demo recordings, great quality, CD* 12
LYNX - Be wild CD, great 80s Hard Rock classic finally on CD, 12 (I had first bad printed back covers, now I have good printed ones, customers who bought first please
tell me and you get replacement!!)
MALIGNO - The funeral domine LP, great old style Doom Metal, 15, Mexico import with expensive postage
RAMSES - Guerreros de Metal CD + bonus, great 80s Metal classic! 10 ....great 80s Metal classic, ....finally again available
RESURRECTION - Angels & Demons CD, great fast traditional Metal, 12
SIX BEER - Angeles caidos CD*, 12 ....finally 2 more copies of this classic Metal band
- Lengua de serpiente CD* ....just one mor ecopy of this 80s Metal classic, many bonus tracks, 13
- 25 aniversario DVD*, great live DVD of thius 80s Metal legend, 2009 concert, 15
STRIKE MASTER - Up for the massacre LP 20, .....I traded 2 copies back
- Re Thrashing the old skull LP, 10 unreleased demo tracks, import from Mexico with expensive postage, 15 .....finally again available
TRANSMETAL - Muerto en la cruz / Desear un funeral, CD 10, 2 first albums on one CD, absolute Latino Death Thrash classics! ....finally again available
- XIII anios en vivo DVD*, concert + 8 clips, 15
ULTIMATUM - Same CD, first album of this great 80s female fronted Metal band finally on CD (with 2 bonus tracks), 13
# VOLTAX - Into flames CD, finally a new album of this true Metal band, 13
VAFFEN - Welcome to .....500 anosCD*, great fast Thrash, 12 ....found one more copy
VENEMOUS - Evil massacration Demo CD-R, very young old style Thrash band, 6 tracks, printed cover page, 4 Euro


ARGOS (Costa Rica) - Angeles, Hombres y Demonios CD-R*, female fronted progressive Metal with high voice, very thick professional booklet and print on CD, 10
ARANA - Teotl CD*, El Salvador Death Metal, 5
## GAIA METAL - Armonia de fuego CD-R*, great traditional Metal, professional printed cover and CD-R, just one copy, 13
GUERREROS DEL METAL (Guatemala) - Los guereros del Metal Live, great Metal, but primitive pack, simple photocopy warriors cover,
and blank CD-R 11 songs live 2004, + blank Video CD with 3 clips, 7
LOS ASESINOS DE LA PENTAGRAMA - Duenos del universo CD*, traditional Metal from Panama, Metalucifer style, 13 ....just one copy
SILENT POETRY (Guatermala) - Same CD-R*, good progressive traditional Metal, very professional printed booklet, and CD-R (slim case, no back cover), 15


ALAS NEGRAS - Bella morte CD ....great melodic Power Metal 5
- Slasher show CD ....more powerful new album in CAGE style, 10
DANTESCO - Dantesco CD, demo material, finally realeased, 10
# - We dont fear your god CD, great new album of epic Doom Metal, 10
DEATH ARRANGEMENT - The ultimate act of retaliation CD, female fronted brutal Death Metal, 5
DUEL OF FATE - Dont leave this world CD, female fronted opera like voice, but powerful Metal, 10 ...finally in stock again
SACRAMENTO - Same CD*, great raw Metal, slimcase, 10 ....finally available
SACRED GUARDIAN - Same CD, great epic Metal 12


BAGIRA - Amnesia CD*, great female fronted traditional Metal, 10
# GUNNAR GRAPSI GROUP - Polemine 666 LP, great 80s Estonian classic 80s Metal, 15
FORMULA I - Queen of lie LP, 80s Hard Rock / Metal with fantastic artwork, 15
# HELLRAISER - We´ll bury you LP, 15
## KORROSIA METALLA - Russian Vodka LP, original in M/M condition, 25
# LEGION - Knights of cross LP, 15
# MONOMAKH - Same LP, 15
NEW TESTAMENT - Apocalypse LP, traditional Metal, fantastic cover artwork, 17
SHAH - Terror collection LP, Thrash classic, 20
TATYANA KOCHERGINA & XX Vek-Same LP, 15 ....female fronted Hard Rock / Metal

CRYSTAL VIPER - Metal nation LP the new Power hammer, black vinyl 10
# DRAGON - Fallen angel LP, 17
KORBA - 1987 LP, 80s Hard Rock, 10
TSA - Heavy Metal World LP English 10, Polish 10
# TURBO - Dorosle dzieci LP, classic 80s Power Metal / Thrash album, 17
# - Kawaleria szatana LP, classic 80s Power Metal / Thrash album, 17
# - Ostatni wojownik LP, classic 80s Metal album, 17
## - Epidemie LP, polish language version album, 15
VA METAL MANIA - Split LP with DESTROYA + HAMMER, great 80s classic, 15


ARAKAIN - Arakain XXV Eden 2CD*, live with symphony orchestra 2007, 15
AVENGER - Feast of Anger / Joy Of Despair LP + 7" EP, limited 150 copies, heavy oversized gatefold cover, red vinyl, 18
KRLES - Slzy arkony CD, great traditional Metal with female singer, 10
- Perunovo Requiem CD, new album, first full album with third singer, 10
METALINKA - Idou, idou, Metal hraji 7" EP, rare slovakian Hard Rock / Metal release from 1990, 15
PUSSY BUSTERS - Dia de los muertos CD-R, great female fronted old style Hard Rock / Metal album, professional printed booklet and CD, 10
ROOT - Zjeveni CD, the great first classic album, finally on CD, with many bonus tracks, 10


KALAPACS - Kalapacs CD* first album from 1996 re release, 15
- Poklok es mennyek között, 2CD*, new album, limited edition with live CD, 16
OMEN - Idegen Anyag CD*, 1997 album re release with 1 video clip bonus, 13
OSSIAN - Kitores LP, great Metal classic, 20 ...back in stock, just one copy
- Femzene CD* re release with 5 bonus tracks, 13
- Felre az utbol LP, great Metal classic from 1989, rare now, just one copy, 20
POKOLGEP - Ejszakai bevetes CD, brand new edition with 5 bonus tracks + 2 video tracks, 13
- Metal az esz CD, brand new edition with 3 bonus tracks + 1 video clip, 13
- Az utolso Merenylet CD + DVD*, live 1995, 16


SANCTUAR - Same CD-R*, great traditional Metal from 2007, professional printed booklet and CD-R, very hard to find, 18
TROOPER - Vlad Tepes poemele valahiei CD, epic concept album 2009 about Vlad Tepes, DVD box packing with thick booklet, again hard to find in Romania, 14
- Desant CD*, second album finally released separate, 12

GRANULOM - Tiho CD-R, first full album of this great powerful female fronted Metal band, professional printed CD-R and booklet, 12
RAMPART - A Tale To Cold MCD, female fronted traditional Metal, 7
- War Behest CD, female fronted traditional Metal, 10


## (X) HELLCATS - Warrior princess CD, great all female traditional Metal from Slovenia, private release, 14 .....will arrive middle of April
TERRÖRHAMMER - Vintage black mass MLP, fast Speed / Thrash Metal from Serbia, with poster + sticker, black vinyl 10 / red vinyl + patch 13
# VIGILANCE – Steeds of Time MLP, Slovenian 80s style Metal, 12


ASENA - Ucurumlar arasinda CD, female fronted Hard Rock, 12
PENTAGRAM - Same CD, great Thrash classic, 15 ...finally this 80s Thrash Metal classic in stock again!!


## (X) METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Bulldozer DLP US version in japanese line up and lyrics w. poster,"die hard" version with another DLP all colour vinyl
(japanese line up sing in english) + sticker + patch 40 .....re stock will arrive again mid April
- Bulldozing it true LP + DVD, live at KIT festival 2012 with big booklet, 12
SABBAT - Asian Demonslaught DLP, ....rare 80s recordings, black vinyl, 20 ...sold out with label
SATANICA - After christ the devil comes LP, classic japanese Thrash band finally on vinyl, black vinyl 12, splatter vinyl 16

CDs (all with obi strip):
ALDIOUS - White crow MCD + DVD, 16 new release with new female singer
ASRA - Samsar MCD*, mnelodic Power Metal, female fronted, 1=
BRIDEAR - Same CD-R*, 2 track demo CD of great female fronted true Metal, printed front cover for slim case, 5
- Thread of the light CD*, 2 tracks on real manufacture CD and printed front cover for slim case, 10
CLOUD FOREST - Rebirth CD, fantastic female fronted powerful traditional Metal! 16
DELIBERATE OFFENDER - Killer machine CDS, 3 tracks of total Metal mix, from Hard Rock till Thrash, 5
FAIRY MIRROR - Silence MCD*. 5 track great female fronted Metal. 10
GURDIAN HACKER - The lastman standing CD*, ....female fronted Metal, 15
IMPALER - Nightmare attack CD*, fast old style Thrash, 10
JURASSIC JADE - The BYS years 1997 - 1998 CD*, re release of old material + unreleased, 22 songs of female fronted occult Thrash Metal, 16
- The howling bull years 2000 - 2004 CD*, re relaase of 2 albums + 2 bonus tracks, 21 songs, 16
RIVERGE - Rebirth of skull CD old 80s Metal / Thrash finally released, 8
RIVERGE - Raid for riverging CD, the new album 10
SABBAT - Sabbatical visionslaught 2DVD, live 1992 + 2002 + extras, 13
X-JAPAN - Returns, 7 DVD box, of 2 shows 1993 in Tokyo Dome with thick booklet, 40

....very hard to get today original CDs, the market is flooded with CD-R bootlegs, .... I offer only originals (except real Demos)

ANTACID - atomic Thrashing acid CD*, great Thrash Metal, 12 ..last copy
BLACKFIRE - Lahir Dari Api 2LP, raw 80s Metal with black malay and english lyrics, very limited edition on obscure label, 2 bonus tracks, 18
LOBOTOMY - Satanic Speed Metal Ritual LP great Speed Metal,ex Antacid Members, with poster, black vinyl 10 / colour vinyl + partch + sticker 12
TORMENTRESS - Thrashing disorder 7" Pic EP, great all female Thrash Metal limited edition, 4


## BAZOOKA - Toxic Warriors LP, great fast Thrash from Taiwan, limited green vinyl (100 copies) 12 / black vinyl (150 copies) 12 ....few copies back in stock
HANGMAN - Anti discography 2002 - 2006. Cassette, Israel, all demo and compilation, split EP tracks of this great Thrash band, real printed cassette,
big printed cover + extra lyric page + pin, 10 tracks, ....for free
ORACLE - No truth, no justice CD-R*, ultra fast Thrash Metal from Indonesia, professional printed booklet, backcover and CD-R, 13
PAGANFIRE - Hate vanishing point 7" EP, Philippine Thrash Metal, 500 numbered copies, 5


## ATOMIZER - The Death of forever, Pic LP in die cut cover, raw Thrash, 13 .....just one copy
## - Death Mutation, Pic LP in die cut cover, raw Thrash, 13 .....just one copy
## BASTARDIZER - Enforcers Of Evil LP, blackened Thrash Metal, with A2 poster, black vinyl 14 / colour vinyl + patch 17
MARTIRE - Brutal legions of the Apocalypse LP, great fast Black Thrash, finally a full album, heavy gatefold and vinyl + poster, black vinyl 12
NOCTURNAL GRAVES / HELL SPIRIT - The gravespirit sessions, Split LP, NG is fucking fast killing Black Thrash / HS Finland Black Thrash, 20 / CD 5
RAZOR OF OCCAM - Homage to martyrs LP, Black Thrash, 10
SHRAPNEL - Hellbound LP, great fast and raw Thrash, black vinyl 13 / White vinyl 14
# TYRUS - Same LP, pre HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH band, great raw 80s Speed / Thrash demo and live material, 13
VOMITOR - The escalation LP, fast Black Thrash, 13


The world wide leading distribution of traditional Metal and Thrash from all around the world!!
Specialized in Latin American Metal. Supports and supported independent bands in Europe, USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru,
Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Turkey, Syria, Israel, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia and South Africa!
Informations about the scene in Latin America in my homepage www.metaleros.de, the best source in the internet for this music!
I build up a special label and distribution for female fronted Metal: FEMETAL RECORDS ( www.femetal-records.com )
(still under construction), fist releases are IGNITOR LP; MALTEZE LP; DREAMS OF DAMNATION LP; HYDROGYN LP; IGNITOR - Road of bones LP,
SCARLET ANGEL LPs, ACID Live 84, and later hopefully KIM SIXX; HEATHER LEATHER and others.
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I have also a big video list of Metal from European or US cult bands and from the most exotic countries! I am mainly interested in trade, but also sell videos for
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find now all my DVD recordings and have all updates included!!! I have a DVD recorder (no computer), and a S-VHS VCR, so I can record from VHS video tapes in the
maximal possible quality on DVD!!! NTSC and PAL!! So I can record your favourite music videos or own private material on DVD (also from 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and DV
camera tapes)!! Price for 2 hours 10 Euro!
!!DEMO SALE on CD-R!!!! Lots of cult Demos from Europe, Asia, North America, and the biggest collection of demos from Latin America worldwide!! All direct copies from
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!!!RIPP OFF WARNINGS!!!! Beware in dealing with this person from Chile: Mr. Fernando Muñoz Vidal, from the shop "Metalfromchile", he ripped me off!!
Also from Brazil, a creature called Bonfim Alves de Arruda ripped me off a while ago! Burn in hell you creeeps!! Seems also finally clear that the maker of the
KETZER Pic LP from "Kneel before the masters throne" ripped me off, and I will never see my money back! Hey Mr. Dennis Freiberger Habel, you are a fucking Ripp Off!!!

2. DREAMS OF DAMNATION - Epic tales of vengeance LP, great female fronted Thrash, band of Jim Durkin (Dark Angel),
limited 500 copies, great cover quality, 4 page insert full of cool pictures, 1 stock getting low, no wholesale anymore, 14 Euro
3. IGNITOR - Road of bones LP + EP, 1 bonus track, the great second album, now on vinyl! Nice 4 page insert
and additinal EP with colour cover, limited 500 copies, 15 .... last copies
6. SCARLET ANGEL - Same LP, 500 copies, 4 page insert, US all female band, old Girlschool / Rock Goddess style, 5 (dealers ask for wholesale)
7. THORAX Test of time Double LP, all 3 demos of this Belgian 80s Cult band on vinyl, heavy gatefold, 4 page insert, 500 copies, 12 no wholesale anymore
8. BATTERING RAM - Back through the Main Gate LP, great 80s Belgium Metal, limited 100 red vinyl, 15 / 400 black vinyl, 15, very last copies
10. VIOLENT ATTACK - The final massacre LP, great fast killing Thrash, black vinyl (400 copies) 13 / purple vinyl (100 copies) 15 ...no wholesale or trades anymore
11. HYDROGYN - Bombshell LP, great female Hard Rock, gatefold, 6 page full size insert + poster, full of awesome pictures, 400 copies black vinyl 5,
100 copies red vinyl 8, ....dealers ask for wholesale
12. POWER FROM HELL - Sadismo LP blue vinyl or black vinyl (limited 100 / 400 numbered copies) 20 each, ....very last copies
13. TYRANT - King of kings LP, finally this US Metal gem on vinyl, black vinyl 400 copies 14 / 100 copies clear vinyl 15 ....no wholsale anymore
14. ACID - Live 1984 CD great soundboard recording, 5 / CD "die hard" edition with poster and sticker (skull artwork), 150 numbered copies 7
15. MILITIA - The second coming LP, full album of Texas finest with "the sybling" + all demo tracks, thick cover, 4 page inlay + big A1 poster of old
Texas Metal concert flyers, black vinyl 10 / silver vinyl 13
!!! OUT NOW !!!
16. VIOLATOR - Annihilation Process LP, the great Mini CD from one of the best fast traditional Thrash bands with 2 bonus tracks, 500 copies black vinyl, 13 Euro
17. THE FORCE - Possessed by Metal LP, first album of this great Speed Thrash band from Paraguay, with 3 bonus songs 500 copies black vinyl only, 10 Euro
Sadly my good connection to Brazil, to "Dies Irae" records with releases from this label and other brazilian releases cut totally off (the guy went into politics!!),
so I have to erase finally lots of records which I distributed for a long time!!